In today’s news, The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Joseph N. DiStefano, Staff Writer (@PhillyJoeD on Twitter) announced the Faire today. Maker Faire of Silicon Valley hits Philly June 24. The article includes a shout out to one of our sponsors, NextFab because they’re ” celebrating the conclusion of its fourth Rapid Hardware Acceleration Program.” The article quotes our co-founder, Marvin Weinberger:

Weinberger, who sees the Maker movement as a grassroots, garage-and-rehabbed-brick-factory approach to expanding on Philadelphia’s grand industrial past as “Workshop to the World,” calls MakerFaire “a showcase of inventors, artists, start-ups, garage tinkerers, crafters, science clubs, and others who like to get their hands dirty making things” and show off how they do it, drafting attendees for workshops and demonstrations. “Expect to see drones, robots, glassblowing, fashion, textiles, electronics, ceramics, 3D printing, biotechnology, and much more.”