Maker Jerry Clarkin, builder of BattleBot – SubZero, and leader of Team Hammertime, took time away from making to answer a few questions about being a maker, competing, and building robots.

Photo of maker, Jerry Clarkin standing with his BattleBot, SubZero.

What do you make?

I build combat robots.

Who do you make it for?

I build them to compete at engineering competitions such as BattleBots.

Where are you located?

I am located in Malvern, PA.

When did you start making?

I started making fighting robots in the year 2000 and have built 14 robots in the 120-340 lb weight classes. In 2011 I quit building robots and built a custom three wheel car from the ground up. Then in 2016, I got back into making combat robots because I love the competition, machine vs machine.

Sparks fly as BattleBot - SubZero attacks!

What inspired you to make a BattleBot?

Back in 2000, we started watching the TV show BattleBots and the guys I work with told me I should enter. They knew I love to build things. It changed my life forever. makers inspire you?

Everyone who builds inspires me, I enjoy looking at all kinds of machines and gadgets. They give me ideas, some of which I try to improve. I am also an accomplished inventor. I have had two auto mechanic tools go retail that I designed.

What’s next?

As for whats next? The new design of SubZero is in the works right now. I want to add more armor and a high temperature flame thrower.


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