Maker Brad Litwin

What do you make?

I make Kinetic Sculpture, especially complex mechanical pieces with gears, linkages, etc. I have a line of small, production pieces, mostly made of paper and wood, that I make and sell on a full time basis, called MechaniCards®.

Who do you make it for?

My audience consists of anyone who enjoys observing, and interacting with moving objects.

Where are you located?

My studio is located at 4732 Stenton Avenue, in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, PA.

When did you start making?

I’ve been making art of one kind or another my entire life. I started making kinetic sculptures when I was about 14 years old.

The Sway of Public Opinion by Brad Litwin

detail of The Sway of Public Opinion by Brad Litwin


How long have you been making?

More than 50 years.

What inspired you to make kinetic sculptures?

Like most anyone, and most any animal for that matter, I am fascinated by objects in motion. I’m especially intrigued by the effects on perception that various kinds of movement evoke, including the curvature of light, and the persistence of vision.

The Reciprocator Crank by Brad Litwin

Rack & Pinion MechaniKit by Brad Litwin


What makers inspire you?

Bernie Lubell, Chris Fitch, Arthur Ganson, Marcel DuChamp, and Roland Emmett are all artist/makers of kinetic sculpture whom I admire.

What’s next?

I’m currently working on the design of a large installation piece that will cover a 30 foot long wall, and produce algorithmic musical compositions.

Roboketch by Brad Litwin

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