What do we make?

We make a range of things here at the studio, from ornaments to vases, custom orders for lighting, decor, and artwork. Basically if its made of glass and theres a chance we can make it. We also teach classes at the studio, to other future makers in this material, and people looking just to get an one day experience, which is really a lot of fun to spread this knowledge.

Students at East Falls GlassworksWho do we make it for?

We make things for a wide range of clients, from a company called Night Orbs, specializing in outdoor and indoor architectural lighting, to custom orders from anyone looking to have something made for a project, or home renovation. We have also work with artists who are looking to use glass as a medium, and hire us to execute their ideas, which is always a fun time and a challenge.

Where are we located?

We are in East Falls, about a 10 minute ride down Kelly Drive, right before you hit Manayunk. The Glassworks is in a development called Scotts Mills, formerly Sherman Mills, and are surrounded by an artist and business community ranging from Gyms, Haircuts, Stained Glass, Ceramics, Painting, Printmaking, you name it! We are right off of Scotts Lane, with free parking on the street, which usually is pretty easy to find a spot.

Sean Bradley from East Falls Glassworks making a glassWhen did I start making?

I started in Glass just about 5 years ago, but have been making since my childhood, building anything from mini bikes, to woodworking, I was just a kid who liked to make stuff. Which led to me attending a Technical High School, in which I tried just about everything, but majored in Commercial Art. Long story short, drawing was not satisfying to the maker inside me, leading me to drop college after the first year, and I took a mechanic job at a local Honda. 5 years later, I went back to school to pursue Engineering, and took a glassblowing class as an elective, and I fell in love. I had never had access to it my entire life, and as soon as I found it, I knew it was the medium that I had been waiting to find.

How long have you been making?

I’ve been making in Glass for 5 years in August, and our Director and my mentor Nikolaj Christensen, has been at it for about 15 years.

What’s next for East Falls Glassworks?

As of right now, we are looking to build a new furnace, upgrade equipment, get more programming in different glass techniques, and find a way to grow this craft in the Philadelphia region and beyond. As many makers know, this takes lots of upkeep, knowledge, and funding to keep it going, especially in a material where the Furnace runs 24/7, for over a half decade! It’s a juggle to keep it all up and running, but we love it!

Sean Bradley of East Falls GlassworksAnything to add?

Keep on the lookout for summer open houses and events at East Falls Glassworks, we plan on hosting open nights where local and traveling artists come to the studio to demonstrate their skills, and we make a fun night of it and grow our community to   help support this awesome thing that we do here.