Inside DayCycleWhat do you make?

My projects stem from ideas for useful, interesting and/or novel projects. So they tend to involve mechanical, electrical, software, woodworking, metalworking, etc whatever it tak es to get the project done. I enjoy learning new skills so I can turn my ideas into tangible functioning things.

DayCycle maker Rich Nelson

Who do you make it for?

For myself (to scratch the itch), for friends and family (presents), and for my employer (so they’ll keep paying me).

Where are you located?

I live in South Jersey and work in Center City.

When did you start making? How long have you been making?

I’ve been making things my whole life. My “maker origin story” is about a trait common to most makers, the curiosity of how things work. When I was 9 I wanted to figure out how my bike changed gears, google didn’t exist so I had to do it live. While riding down the street I watched the gears by the back wheel while shifting gears. That day I rode into a the back of a parked car breaking my jaw in multiple places, and learned how a derailleur worked.

Luckily I’ve managed to continue learning without breaking any more bones, continue learning and making as much as I can.

What inspired you to make Day Cycle?

It started out as a birthday present (now a bit late) for my brother who is a die hard Philadelphian. Then The Maker Faire inspired me to make it BIG and interactive!

What makers inspire you?

The maker community at large! I’ve always been driven to learn, tinker, and make things but haven’t known too many others with the same passions, with the recent explosive growth of the maker community driven by online communities and Maker Media that has definitely changed.

What’s next?

I have a lot of projects on the to-do list, but beyond just making new things I plan to be more active in sharing my projects and how they were made. The maker community is inspiring, and I’d love to participate and contribute more.

Anything else you want to add?

I’m looking forward to the Faire! If you’re interested in seeing more of my projects, you can check out my website and YouTube channel.


Day Cycle clock at SunriseDay Cycle clock daytimeDay Cycle clock at Sunset