Without NextFab’s workshops and sponsorship, the Faire would not be a reality! Puzzles, planes, soldering, and more hands-on activities can be found in the following, fun-for-all-ages workshops.

Scheduled workshops

NextFab laser cut crosstitch

Laser Cut Cross Stitch

Learn the basics of cross stitching by making a laser cut, wooden cross stitched necklace or key-chain.

NextFab wood coaster workshop

Wooden Coasters

Use glue, sanding tools, and colorful wood scraps to create a unique drink coaster.

NextFab laser cut model challenge

Laser Cut Model Challenge

Love puzzles? See if you can assemble a laser cut model without directions. Choose either a working car, or insect.

NextFab Hydroboard soldering

PCB Soldering

Learn about electricity while trying your hand at soldering your own light up PCB kit.

NextFab flying races

3D Printed Flying Races

Compete for prizes and see who can fly their 3D printed glider the farthest in these short distance races.

Drop in!

Modern Beading

Make your own unique necklace or key-chain out of 3D printed and laser cut beads

Our amazing sponsors over at NextFab will be leading the workshops.