Cocoa Press allows anyone to create custom artisanal chocolates on demand. Currently to create a custom chocolate, a mold is required. A simple 2D mold can cost $400, while more elaborate 3D designs can exceed $1000 and take months to make. Cocoa Press enables chocolate shops, bakeries and hobbyists to produce custom chocolates with no fixed cost per design, saving time and money.

The Cocoa Press

What do you make?

Cocoa Press is a 3D printer that prints chocolate. This allows anyone to create custom artisanal chocolates on demand. By 3D printing the chocolate, there are no mold costs and you can create unique textures and mouthfeels that cannot be created in any other way.

The Cocoa Press

Who do you make it for?

This winter, Cocoa Press will begin to sell custom chocolates for Christmas and Valentines gifts. In late 2020 we will begin commercializing the printer so anyone can create their own, unique delicacies.

Where are you located?

We work out at Pennovation Works and NextFab!

What inspires you to make?

I love the endless possibilities with making. Cocoa Press is unique because it is a tool for others to make as well. Being able to show off your work while learning and contributing to the wider maker community is really special.

The Cocoa Press octopusWhat was your favorite part about the Faire?

My favorite part about Maker Faire is the moment that kids and adults come up to my booth and realize that the prints are chocolate. I also love the endless connections, friendships and community that come out of the maker movement.

Ellie will be brining her new and improved press to the faire! Check out her original design on her maker page from last year. Ellie also sent us this super cool time lapse video from last year’s faire!

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