The Groove Catcher

This week our maker spotlight features Groove Catcher a fun, active VR rhythm game is entertaining for all ages! Easy to learn and exciting to play, come to the Faire and catch that groove!

Groove Catcher in Action

What do you make?

We are currently working on a Virtual Reality game where you catch visual representations of music/movement. It’s in the rhythm genre of games and gets people moving and grooving to music while developing their visual spatial skills.

Groove Catcher in Action

Who do you make it for?

This game has wide appeal across gender and age with the music defining who might play a particular level. In general, initially we are targeting a subsection of gamers who like rhythm games, which is to say they have a decent sense of rhythm and like to move. We are also making the game for people who love to make their own levels in games giving them some ownership in the game which keeps them coming back for more because there will always be new levels to be made.

Groove Catcher Logo

Where are you located?

We are currently out of Narberth PA.

What inspires you to make?

For me, making is a way of life. I love to be creative in the kitchen, with my musical instruments, or in the woodshop. Creativity is about sharing something that is inside us with other. We all love good food, fun music, and the esthetics of fine woodworking. GrooveCatcher’s potential reach means it is worthy of the enormous effort it takes to create something of this scale. We create because we have something to share.

Groove Catcher in Action

What was your favorite part about the Faire?

The Faire is a place where people come out to see something new, support those who are working on creating, which in turn can inspire young and old to be creative as well.

Get your tickets today!

Come play Groove Catcher at the #PhillyMakerFaire! Advance tickets are on sale $7 youth 7 – 17 and $14 for adults.
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