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What do you make?

I build life-size replicas of Star Wars Droids, including R2-D2. Some replicas are static 3D printed models and some, like R2-D2, are remote controlled.

David Castellano from Mid-Atlantic Droid Builders at Philly Maker Faire with R2-D2 droids

Who do you make it for?

At times it feels like I do this for my own personal enjoyment, which is partly true. I mean, what Star Wars fan does not love having their very own fully functional R2-D2 in their living room? But my drive to keep making goes beyond that. I do it for the young child who keeps following R2 around laughing and dancing to the music R2 plays, and for the parents when their faces light up seeing R2 in person. It is seeing the joy on people’s faces that is my main inspiration to keep making.

Where are you located?

I am in Warminster, PA

When did you start making?

I started building Star Wars droids back in 2012.

How long have you been making?

If you were to ask my mother, she would say that I have been making since I was a child. I used to love tinkering and “inventing” new things. But in terms of R2-D2, I have been making for a little over 8 years now.

What inspired you to make this?

I had seen an R2 around a few conventions locally, but it was not until after seeing the Droid room at Star Wars Celebration 6 in Orlando back in 2012 that I fell in love with the idea.

What makers inspire you?

Bob Claggett of I Like to Make Stuff. Laura Kampf, The Smuggler’s Room are just a few of the many exceptional makers that inspire me.

What’s next?

I am going to continue making droids and bringing smiles to people’s faces. I also would like to branch out and try to animate some of my static droids with some animatronics. I am also working on starting a podcast about Droid Building.

What would you like to ask the maker community?

Just to keep being awesome. Every maker I have encountered at the various Faire’s was so approachable and open to questions and sharing their knowledge.

What was your favorite exhibit at the Faire?

I do not have one single favorite exhibit. I love seeing all the fun and interesting inventions kids come up with. There is just something awe inspiring about seeing a young mind bringing their ideas to life.

What connections did you make?

This last Faire I did not get the opportunity to network as much as I would have liked. But at the next one I hope to.

What was the best moment for you as a maker?

The best moment as a maker is when my children both wanted to build their own droids. Sharing my passion for building with them is some of the best times I have had.

David Castellano from Mid-Atlantic Droid Builders at Air and Scare 2

Anything else you want to add?

No, I think that just about covers it.

David Castellano from Mid-Atlantic Droid Builders on the podcast


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