Kara Khan of Pop-up Polaroid updates us on what she’s been up to here on the blog and on the podcast. She answered our basic Q&A back in 2019. Read that interview here.

What was your favorite exhibit at the Faire?

It’s really hard to choose a favorite because of the wide array of makers and artists. I really loved the rotoscope exhibit and always love seeing what NextFab is up to.

What connections did you make?

I made a great connection with someone from the Crefeld School and have had several opportunities to work with the students there as a teaching artist since. It’s been really wonderful! 

Album cover for Bad Apples band is a black and white photo of an apple core. Photograph by Kara Khan

What was the best moment for you as a maker?

I loved interacting with kids who attended because their relationship to photography is usually with phone cameras and almost always digital. They always have the best reactions and I’m always happy to get the chance to plant a new seed in someones head about where photography came from and what it can be.  

What’s new with Pop Up Polaroid?

Pop Up is just now getting back on its feet since lockdown and we are just now doing events again so that’s exciting! Covid also disrupted 8×10 Polaroid film production so I have been experimenting with Caffenol printing, which is a process using a coffee based developer that allows me to continue to make large format portraits. 

Dear Mr. President is a collaborative piece including work by Kara Khan. It is a series of images of women stitched together in a quilt.

What did you make during 2020?

So many things! I have kind of been all over the place, haha. During lockdown, away from my usual creative outlets,  I started experimenting with all kinds of mediums. I fell in love with book making and books as an art form, I started writing and illustrating a comic book, have been working a lot with mushrooms, specifically mycelium, as a material to make literally anything, and started learning how to work with Arduino to make interactive art with electronics. I also completed a 4 year-long collaborative project called “Dear Mr. President” that I am really excited about. 

Kara Khan of Pop Up Polaroid Online

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