This week Nefertari Muhammad answers our questions about Sister’s Original Supreme Pies “So good, you ain’t gonna want to share”. She goes into more detail about founding the company, working with family, and what inspires her.

What type of products do you bake?

Sister’s Original Supreme Pies come in four varieties – Classic Bean, Queen Bean, Butternut Squash, 24 Karrot – and two sizes – 3”and 9”.

Logo for Sister’s Original Supreme Pies with the text in script

How did you come up with the name Sister’s Original Supreme Pies?

Sisters: My two daughters came up with the name in their summer program
Original: All of our pies are
Surpreme: Made with the highest quality ingredients which we do not compromise
Pies: Taste the love made  with love

Who do you bake for?

We bake for any one and every one: individuals, supermarket, restaurants; we bake for anyone who would like to purchase our pies.

Where are you located?

Philadelphia Area

When did you start baking?

July 2014

How long have you been baking?

Seven years

Nefertari Muhammad and her daughters of Sister’s Original Supreme Pies. Nefertari is in red holding an award and is surrounded by her three daughters. All four of them are smiling widely.

What inspired you to make the pies?

My daughter’s summer entrepreneur youth program.

Who inspires you?

My beloved children. Elijah Muhammad famous saying, “Do for Self”. Tyler Perry was homeless. Michael Jackson was very creative. Madame CJ Walker left a legacy.

What’s next?

We want to put our pies on the shelves of Whole Foods Market, Walmart, local restaurants. To become the ultimate pie factory; to make Sister’s Original Supreme Pies a common household name like Mrs.Smith and Sara Lee.

Nefertari Muhammad of Sister’s Original Supreme Pies is in the photo wearing her apron and holding a giant check.

What was the best moment for you as a baker ?

The excitement and reaction when someone tastes our pies for the first time. Entering contests and winning five straight years and seeing our pies put on the shelves of the supermarkets.

Anything else you want to add?

We created an explosive but delicate, delightful, and delicious dessert that overwhelms your taste buds which causes excitement and happiness that makes you crave for more.

We are happy to be a part of Brown’s ShopRite Incubator Program it’s a great program/opportunity for any person who is serious about their business growth and development. Look for our Pop up event at all of 12 of Brown’s ShopRite Supermarkets.

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