Susan Murphy makes Jawnaments. This pictuers is an ornament of the Kohr Brothers' sign. It's a blue arch with an ice cream cone in the middle.

Susan Murphy makes Jawnaments! Read on to learn about the origins of these Philly – and beyond – themed ornaments. We chat with her extensively about her process and inspiration on this week’s podcast.

What do you make?

I make hyper-local Christmas ornaments that feature iconic and much-loved foods and places in Philly and other cities!

Who do you make it for?

I started making Jawnaments for neighbors and Fishtown residents but have since expanded to selling to anyone who loves Philly or their hometown!  We have customers from all over the US!!!  

Susan Murphy's Jawnaments are featured on an evergreen in this photo.

Where are you located?

I make all Jawnaments at Nextfab locations in Kensington and South Philly. I operate a small studio there as well.

When did you start making?

I started making Jawnaments in December 2017 (but have been a maker for most of my years).

How long have you been making?

I have been a maker of all sorts of things for most of my life.  Starting with hand-sewn Halloween costumes in high school to earrings and jewelry while commuting via train from Baltimore to DC… and most recently — custom handbags (in the 2000s).  I am also very crafty around my house!

What inspired you to make this?

Someone was searching for an Arctic Splash ornament on the Fishtown Facebook page… five days before Xmas in 2017. Since none existed, I figured I would make one from scratch—and I offered a small quantity for sale .  That’s how Jawnaments started!  Now I offer over 60 styles and sell via Etsy, my website and pop-up locations in Philly!

What makers inspire you?

I am amazed by the woodworkers at Nextfab.  I’ve seen folks make everything from drums to furniture to gift items and even a boat!  The commitment, patience and detail orientation is amazing. 

What’s next?

I plan to keep expanding the Jawnaments collection to other cities while working my day job (I teach undergraduate business classes at the University of Delaware)!  

What would you like to ask the maker community?

How has technology made your “making” easier or more efficient?  

What was the best moment for you as a maker?

I received a wonderful, handwritten letter from a Jawnaments customer in 2019.  He wrote about how Jawnaments made him laugh and how he enjoyed the reactions he received from friends and family when they saw his Christmas tree.  That made me realize that even a little ornament can create happiness for folks.  To know I had a hand in that means a lot.

Jawnemtns by Susan Murphy. This image is the Ponzios sign in distinctive red with a clock replacing the O in Ponzio's

Anything else you want to add?

I am always looking for ideas for Jawnaments and welcome all suggestions!  Just contact me at

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Susan Murphy on the podcast

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