This week we’re catching up with Christopher Sweeney to find out what he’s up to as an educator and to get the low down on his MycoLights. In 2018 Christopher answered our questions here and he goes in to more depth on our podcast this week about growing lights from mycelium.

What was your favorite exhibit at the Faire?

I enjoyed the variety of the exhibitors at the last Faire, but I have to say anything that was truly DIY I saw was my favorite. 

What connections did you make?

Talking to people I know from social media, always nice to meet face to face.

What was the best moment for you as a maker?

During the beginning of the pandemic, being able to 3D print pieces for the healthcare workers, as well as hat clips for migrant workers in California. Besides that, being a finalist in DesignPhillys’ “Best in Emerging Design” show for my MycoLights this upcoming October.

Multiple images of Christopher Sweeney's MycoLights including the shades alone, lit up, and the process of being molded.

What’s new with you?

Being a finalist in DesignPhillys’ “Best in Emerging Design” show for my MycoLights this upcoming October, teaching, and working on hydroponics and irrigation systems using Micro:bit and Chibitronics micro controllers.

What did you make during 2020?

I created a DIY forge, and was into casting pewter in my backyard. I also took a class at GenSpace and learned our bioluminescent fungi and bacteria, so that was something new and amazing I did in 2020. I did many other fabrications (as well as etching copper plates for printmaking) using the Glowforge once I was teaching my students in a hybrid mode. I had some down time in 2020, so lots of things were explored.

Multiple images of Christopher Sweeney printing with Open Press project press including shots of the presses, the prints, and the inking up process.

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